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Creating an eye-catching design is all well and good, but without the proper fit it cannot fulfil its potential. Size, shape, folds and negative space are all important aspects to be aware of when planning a product. Templates are a good way to properly plan for all the nuances of the finished project, and we at Prelinx want your piece to look the best it can. Here are some common templates for your convenience! When you're satisfied with your first step, come to us to finish the job. 

  • Brochures are a great way to market the services and items you provide while providing some information about your business.

  • Business cards are the foundation of self promotion. Make sure you leave a lasting impression with professional and elegant cards.

  • Flyers are a great way to turn heads and passively generate awareness of you and your business. The right signage can be tremendously beneficial.

  • Postcards are a great way to reach a broad audience in a simple manner. Take advantage of your resources to cast a wide net and be easily recognized.